Sex crimes 1992

A later report commissioned by the magazine, however, found that poor reporting practices and lack of editorial oversight were to blame for the flaws in the original story Coronel, A young, white investment banker was brutally raped and physically assaulted while jogging in Central Park. This phenomenon of excusing and erasing sexual violence by assailants who do not fit the stereotype of rapists can extend even to cases involving violence, clear non-consent, and group sexual assault or gang rape. Similarly, the behavior of men in terms of drinking irresponsibly is rarely raised except to provide mitigating circumstances for the allegations against them. Their actions leading up to and following the assault are particularly scrutinized, with media accounts commonly inferring that they are to blame, even if only partially, for the violence committed against them. In Australia, for instance, while child sexual assault by white perpetrators may generate outraged and fearful coverage it is generally understood as resulting from individual pathology.

Sex crimes 1992

Beginning with investigative reporting carried out by the Boston Globe, media reporting has revealed widespread abuse and systemic cover-ups within the Catholic Church, with bishops and archbishops arranging payments in exchange for confidentiality agreements, organizing transfers for accused priests, and, frequently, enabling them to continue offending Keenan, This phenomenon of excusing and erasing sexual violence by assailants who do not fit the stereotype of rapists can extend even to cases involving violence, clear non-consent, and group sexual assault or gang rape. Online and social media spaces have been largely regulated by corporate platform providers, such as Twitter and Facebook. This relative lack of supervision has seen public concern and media reporting shift to focus on the dangers of cyber-pedophilia and online grooming. The primary context in which media coverage of female sex offenders occurs is cases of female adults and young males, most commonly teachers and students. Researchers differ widely in how serious they believe the threat of online sexual abuse and child pornography to be, but there is a relative consensus that it is represented by media as a significant social threat. Driven predominantly by survivor activism and the continuing high news values of child sexual abuse, the first prominent cases of institutional abuse concerned historical allegations of child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church and in residential care institutions. Again, these representations vary significantly according to race and class, with white and middle-class victims more likely to receive sympathetic coverage, particularly if their assailant is from a lower-class or more marginal racial or ethnic background. She was found severely injured and comatose the next morning. The moral panic that exists around perpetrators of child sexual abuse misrepresents the realities of child sexual abuse, deflecting fears away from the real sources of the danger, within the family, and onto pathological strangers in the public sphere. Far more media attention is given to middle- and upper-class victims, and to victims from dominant racial and ethnic groups, while sexual assaults against victims from lower-class or minority ethnic backgrounds are largely ignored. In a common pattern, both types of coverage relied on rape myths, either portraying black men as dangerous predators or white women as opportunistic liars. The growth of social media has seen a growing phenomenon of perpetrators sharing images and video of sexual assaults through social media. The primary exception to this is male-on-male rape in prison, which has received increasing media attention in recent years, particularly in the United States. Prior to the s American newspapers covered rape cases only in which the victim was white and the perpetrator black Benedict, ; Block, — Representations of child sexual abuse can also be racialized in ways that mirror media treatments of adult sexual assault by men of color. Legal inconsistencies mean that in many jurisdictions, 16—17 year olds are legally able to consent to sexual activity, but if they film or take photos of themselves they are considered to be producing child pornography and distributing this pornography if they send or receive these images. This recognition has been largely driven by prison reform advocates and human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch Human Rights Watch, The Recovered or False Memory Debates The early s saw the development of moral panics in several jurisdictions, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, around claims of widespread sexual abuse, frequently involving ritual or satanic elements, at child-care or day-care centers Furedi, ; Jenkins, This fear, fueled by media misrepresentation, often leads women to modify or alter their behavior. At the same time, mainstream media tend to over-represent perpetrators from lower-class and minority racial and ethnic backgrounds, reinforcing stereotypes of ethnic and lower-class male criminality and misrepresenting the realities and dangers of sexual violence. The convictions were vacated in when Matias Reyes, already serving a life sentence for other violent crimes, confessed to the crime and DNA evidence proved him to be the assailant Duru, These revelations have led to highly publicized public inquiries in several jurisdictions, including the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Ireland. Critics, argue, however, that such policies do little to alter the stigmatizing nature of media coverage and may even contribute to the stigma surrounding victims of rape. These depictions of Muslim men as rapists intersect with wider fears of Muslim men as criminals and terrorists. The case received extensive coverage nationally and internationally, with Southern U. These myths can lead, on the one hand, to the trivialization, denial, and silencing of the experiences of many victims, and, on the other, to moral panics around stranger danger and pedophilia and racist depictions of men of color as sexual predators.

Sex crimes 1992

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  1. Far more media attention is given to middle- and upper-class victims, and to victims from dominant racial and ethnic groups, while sexual assaults against victims from lower-class or minority ethnic backgrounds are largely ignored.

  2. In the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, the growing incidence of Islamophobia and anti-Muslim sentiment in Western countries has seen the increase in similar representations of Muslim men as sexual threats to white women.

  3. This could be seen in a highly publicized Australian case in when a woman made accusations of gang rape against members of the Bulldogs National Rugby League Team. Other institutions have also faced scrutiny in the past decade.

  4. The fear of cyber-pedophilia has generated calls for harsher policing and greater Internet surveillance, as well as new markets for child protection software.

  5. The majority of rape cases receive no coverage at all, and this is especially true for victims with low social status.

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