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Powered by a profound desire for pleasure, self-expression, and the need to connect, sexuality became an open space for men and women free from the heavy-handed social control of the s — and the results were amazing. The Politics of Mourning David L. As an aside I walked myself or with friends to school every single day through 13 years of school. The 70s were more upfront in being about hedonism and decadence. Today, I am still living in the same loft in Tribeca as I did in the s. For me, by the early 80s, all of that freedom was gone and the values had changed. Really, anything went there.

People could go out and nobody would bother them. A retrospective exhibit, containing a wide range of black and white and color photographs, photobooks, and other ephemera, hung in a series of connected gallery spaces on two floors of the museum. There were other places that went beyond that, like the BDSM scene. I went on to do serious international photojournalism. National Archives and Records Administration 27 of 28 By the mid s, legislative efforts began to limit the density of adult stores in Times Square while actively fostering more family friendly replacements. Disco reached its apotheosis with Studio 54, which was such a good place with phenomenal lighting, phenomenal sound, and an incredible mix of people, from straight businessmen, fashion models, and punks to artists, record industry people, and celebrities. When you had places like gay clubs and parties, there were a lot of men in drag, it was amazing. The city was shabby. Opened in , the restaurant and the building it occupied were demolished in One of the biggest reasons people went to clubs and parties was to get laid. When I was growing up, if you wanted to have sex you had to get married — and then that was gone. The idea was to get dressed up, go out, dance, and have fun — but you were hoping to meet somebody there and take them home. Can we take pleasure in pictures created by exploiting or abusing others? The other parties I remember covering: Since this is a museum show, there are, of course, no posted prices. That was the goal. Maggie Hopp 4 of 28 The sex trade arrived shortly after adult stores. Running down the middle of the gallery, an enormous vitrine containing hundreds of the more than photo books made by Araki over the course of his career suggests that this may be his most generative medium. And do we always know what exploitation or abuse looks like? It sounds like all of this freedom really allowed people to use the club scene as a space for sexual exploration — whereas now it might be more about having fun with your friends, checking out new music, or documenting your life for social media. The same goes for women, whether they were gay or straight. Being artistic, creative, having fun, and living free were thrown by the wayside as money crept in and the city became more wealthy. I saw that ending in the late 60s and came back to New York. That scared the shit out of everybody, gay or straight — when people realised what was going on and the horror of it. At the same time, with a bad economy, all these loft spaces from businesses that had moved out were empty and cheap. As an aside I walked myself or with friends to school every single day through 13 years of school. Aids was the big game changer.

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  1. Enormously profitable, they opened the door for adult movie theaters, strip clubs, and sex stores.

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