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All there is now is a sketch which the uploader says he got from a fan site. In any case, her official current color appears to be black, unless you can provide a source that says otherwise or one that states the original color was brown. Ignoring instructions from Game Masters. Honestly you people don't really care about it, you just want to bitch about something because you're bored. See what Kitase says about the scene in the same interview in the 10th Anniversary Ultimania: Axem Titanium talk This has all been amended.

Enix sex site

If anything happened in between, that's what fanfiction's for. We also have official Ultimania quotes about Cloud and Tifa confirming their desire for each other. Toned down is not rejected. If it says black, I don't know what would be done about it previously being brown, if anything. Also The "feelings" described in that quote are on a page about romantic love in the FF series. Civility before editing and talking. And did the Japanese version perhaps have something the American version did not? Actions that excessively deprive others of the ability to experience various gameplay features. Would that be proper procedure? The AC SE disk does not contain an interview talking about this. So what is your point? Regarding pinup and The New York times, yes, that is an error work fixing. Either the shades has to look grey and old , or the shades are almost impossible to render purely by black and white. Plus, that further supports the notion of Tifa having black hair that just reflects brown under certain lighting. Either way, the text currently there is incorrect and I'd still like to know what it's been based on. But even with the line in question, maybe at that time none of us thought it would be something so important laughs. Nothing in the sequals supports that they are in that kind of a relationship though AC hints that Tifa wants to go there , so it's really nothing more than shipping based on risque content that was to be included in the game but wasn't for the very reason it was risque. However, unless the colour was changed significantly to something like golden brown, most darker brown colour will still be regarded as black due to most people perceive their own hair as black. In your edit, you say that the source is flawed due to its original language being Japanese, we don't discriminate sources as long as they are reliable and with your edit there's no source making the article fail verifiability. I'm amazed that this is even worth fighting about. One of the fun things that showed this problem, appeared back when Japanese cars was exported to the US, and the colouring of the cars was percepted differently than the pictures they were showing to the buyers. One could easily say it is because they are in a relationship that Tifa confronts Cloud in a bedroom. Everything from they 'confirm their desire for each other' to 'confirm their feelings without words'. Her hair is dark brown. Additionally, you can seamlessly share your progress on social media, and compare your own story choices with friends. External links modified[ edit ] Hello fellow Wikipedians, I have just added archive links to 11 external links on Tifa Lockhart.

Enix sex site

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  1. If you want to add a quote it has to have the original version of the quote. Dates with ranking are important, being on the list of say Top 10 in is something very different than being still in , thousands of games later.

  2. Additionally, GMs may give directives to players during periods of technical difficulties with the game. However, unless the colour was changed significantly to something like golden brown, most darker brown colour will still be regarded as black due to most people perceive their own hair as black.

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